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Sveto Pricesce

- THAT SHOULD Holy Communion accessed without preparation, which consists in spiritual and physical addresses (for water) and NO CONFESSIONS -

"The Lord did not say indefinitely and indiscriminately" give what is holy and all pearl, "but said:" Do not give dogs what is holy (Mt.7, 6), or those who do evil "- St. Athanasius of Alexandria

"Liturgy is heaven on earth, a man is called to the earth becomes heaven.: The only way to do this is union with Christ in Holy Communion, which precedes achievement SEBEPOZNANJA I SEBEOČIŠĆENJA." Our Orthodox Church is a peculiar spirit of asceticism and repentant self-transcendence, or ascetic spirit.

Man is a creature of God and to God's unfinished creature, which feeds Sanctuaries (Holy Holy Body and Blood of the Lord - St. Communion) can grow to the fullness of "measures the growth of Christ" (Efes. 4.13), in which salvation.

"The Lord did not say indefinitely and indiscriminately" give what is holy and all pearl, "but said:" Do not give dogs what is holy "(Mt. 7:6), and those who do evil. So says St. The Apostle Paul: "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers" (Fil.3, 2) ... "Watch out you preacher, and do not give unworthy Immaculate body, so as not to show guilty on the word Vladičinoj. So do not give dogs what is holy, do not cast your pearls before swine, that it would not be stomped their feet, and turning, tear you to pieces, creating schisms and heresies "- said St. Athanasius of Alexandria (" Without communion There is no deification "-cheeked saintly, Beg., 2004, p. 74).

In the past few years for us to accede to the largest sanctuary, Holy Communion without fasting. In his letter to the Romans St. The Apostle Paul says: "One believes may eat all things, but he who is weak eats greens" (Rom. 14:2). There are strong, and there is weak in the Church. And the fact is that spiritual raslabljeno time gives spiritual raslabljeno and monks and clergy, let alone Christians who live in the world (the laity). It should be recognized that a large number of weak ("eating greens"), which should not give communion without fasting (water) and confession.

There were cases of extraordinary circumstances, when the Christian communion without fasting and confession. For example, as K Knights of the Holy Prince Lazar, who are willing to give their lives for the faith and fatherland, received the holy place in the "white Samodreza church." A similar pattern is found and the "Mountain Wreath", when Abbot Stefan calls heroes: "'Come on, you brothers, and pričešćujte. / No preparation and no confession / I'm moving all on your soul ..." Readiness aforementioned heroes on a sacrifice and extraordinary circumstances in which they found themselves, allows them communion without preparation and without a confession, in which Njegosh notes that blind Abbot Stefan takes their sins upon himself.

When spiritual rasudi, in exceptional circumstances, communion can be no fasting. But it must not be the rule. Here's how it discerns the Sv. Barsanuphius Optina. He spoke to a man saying that he is all. John of Kronstadt allowed Communion without fasting. Holy Barsanuphius replied: "Father John was a man of deep prayer and devotion. Get everything they ask of God. It has great boldness before God. I am a sinful man. I can guarantee you that you will be salvation if you keep this up "(Ibid, p. 400).

Proponents of communion at every Liturgy, cited as an example the Christians of the first centuries. They forget that soon got out of practice this custom because the level of life of the ecclesial community reduced compared to the first centuries. "From a personal, often sacrificial asceticism, Christianity for most people has turned into something that makes sake, and sometimes even for the benefit. Church ... because she could not apply to the later half-conscious and poluprinudne Christians that same discipline as well as the spiritual enthusiasts "and the martyrs of the first centuries (Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodski, in the book" Lord I believe, and confess, "Obraz saints, Beg. 2005, p. 452). Proponents of frequent communion cited as an argument to the Sv. Basil church members received in Holy Communion four times a week. But they are silent about what conditions is St. .. Basil asked that someone so often unable to partake. It is known that he was very strict with the members of the Church of God, the holy place distancing canons who were not allowed to approach Holy Communion, in the words of Vladimir Dimitrijevic, "as that is concerned, God forbid, soup with noodles "(" Without communion there is no deification "Obraz saints, Beg., 2004, p. 400). Thus, in the Canons of St. Basil the Great says that is a woman an abortion was weaned from the sanctuary for 10 years;

-The accidental killing of weaning was 11 years old;

-To participate in the war three years;

From 58 to a rule, the adulterer was decided 15 years. of the Communion;

The killer was weaned at 20 months. (Of course if he was ready to repent);

Fornicator of communion in the Mysteries was weaned at 7 years. (Generally at 59);

According to Rule 61, the thieves were weaned at 2 years, and the 62 rule homosexuals were weaned at 15 years of age. depriving the eucharistic community.

According to Rule 64, who despised the oath weaned from the church 10 years.

According to Rule 65 of the magicians were weaned at 20 years. (As the killer), and students teller - the same number, 72 rule.

According to Rule 73 those who denied Christ DURING prosecution, if they repented pričešćivani are just dying. Let us remember, with all of us who are not renounced Christ during communism!

According to Rule 83 those who addressed the magicians were weaned at 6 years.

There were then those who refused to repent of their sins. Sv. Basil the Great commanded that with such does not enter into any discussion, rather than leaving them to their own devices.

And Timothy of Alexandria specific commands hedge Sv. Communion:

According to Rule 4 husband and wife can not have a relationship on the eve of Communion;

By 7 rule women can not have communion when monthlies;

According to Rule 10, and the most severe patients before Passover is not permitted mrs but just wine and oil;

According to Rule 12: Who's lustful dream and it can not be gloated communion ...

Christians of the 21st century, coming into the Church, seen in relation to the rules that are adhered to the Christians of the first centuries, burdened more or less these sins, the question is when and how to do communion! About this inevitably need to take care before deciding to partake in every liturgy!


On Mount Athos in the second half of the sixteenth century was created controversy about how often should communion Sv. Mysteries of Christ. Some felt that Sv. Communion should receive at each Liturgy, and the other to be communion several times a year. Kollyvades, including St. Nicodemus Holy Mountain (author of "The Invisible Struggle"), were advocates of frequent communion. At St. Burning it caused great conflict. Patriarch Theodosius in in 1775. Tried to reconcile the conflicting parties. He wrote them as the first Christian communion every week, and then every 40 days. Patriarch wrote and advised that those who are considered to be prepared to mimic those of the first, and those that do not feel that those Drughi Following is an example. Despite all the conflict continued until the early 19th century. Ecumenical Patriarch Gregory in in 1819. Wrote Athon monks that communion does not depend on the time interval, but that it can be accessed yet, whenever one feels that he is ready, after confession and proper preparation (fasting and prayer).

Russian ascetic our day, Monk Sergius (fishes), says: "When in our time call for koljivarski movement of the sixteenth century, they forget that this pure monastic PRACTICE completely unacceptable broadcast on contemporary parish life and demand of modern believers such a strict ascetic and SAZERCATELJNI life as they practiced hesychast Kollyvades on Mount Athos (although there were too many opponents practice of frequent communion).

Contemporary proponents of frequent communion are invited to the practice of Christians of the first centuries. But it is obvious that their goal is the return drevnoapostolskoj church practice (because it would then be to give up and laity spoon, as the later practice which was introduced in the fourth century St. Chrysostom). Their goal is actually abolition of CONFESSIONS before Communion and the abolition DISCIPLINE AND FASTING PRAYER OF PREPARATION BEFORE TU biggest secret. If it continues in this direction threatens great danger of indifference, fear of God WITHOUT BENEFIT OF ST. Secrets of Christ.

Sv. Theophan the Recluse says: "You must take communion in all four subject. Can be added another: The Great and the Christmas post twice ... Can often, but not overdo it, you do not fall into apathy. As for the" frequent "Should not be too much more frequent, because the excessive frequency of consuming no small part awe of this most holy communion ... It is often not a conviction.: The measure is - once a month, at most twice a month" (Ibid , p 404).

The famous old man Glinski monasteries shiarhimandrit Andronicus (+1974). Warned: "Those who are every day people are in communion charms (spiritual self-deception). You must take communion once a month. You need to get ready for Communion, cut off the arbitrariness, the Holy Eucharist to be the salvation, not condemnation. "

DANGER unworthy Communion

In recent years, appeared in our church representatives erroneous belief that the Sv. Communion something that works automatically, like a magic formula throne always only "positively".

The booklet 'educational examples »shiarhimandrita Gabriel (Dimitrijevic) there are instances where it is not so. If Christ enters the soul full of darkness, a soul that does not want to clean up and prepare to meet the Bridegroom of the Church, then the consequences can be fatal. Shiarhimandrit Father Gabriel has described several cases. Mention only one: "I knew a man in the village Bukurovcu, near Kragujevac, which 20 years is not communion. Finally we decided, probably by someone persuaded, and went to church and communion without repentance without confession. Immediately after Communion he felt as though he received a fire in me, all interior and each bone as it caught fire and the fire, and his head as if he has found itself in the midst of the flames.: In a daze, and the great passion he began to run to and fro. And since he could not resist a hard, remove the belt with jeans and hang on to the railing. And one of his relatives saw him hanging, ran up and cut off his belt and he fell to the ground still alive. Asked Cousin: "Blood Brother, what would you be hanged?" He replied: "It burnt me Communion, my bowels burnt, and I could not stand the terrible fire and I had to hang myself, to avoid the hassle." Then they took him home, and after a few days he died, poor man. "

"You see how they are going to spend their lives without the fear of God, and the communion without repentance, fasting and no confessions," says shiarhimandrit on. Gavrilo. "And if Communion is not burned in the world-were burned there, in the other world, in the torments of hell that has no end ... It is no accident that the man before Communion is saying:" Here I approach the Divine Communion, the Creator does not burn me Communion, but cleanse me from all uncleanness. "We should not play with fire, that is, to those to whom St.: The Apostle says:" Our God is a consuming fire. "

Saint Nikolai Zick Venerable Father Justin CELL ON Post and Communion

And our Sv. Bishop Nikolaj Žički Venerable Father Justin Cellular according to fasting and Communion had the same attitude as the Great tipik: POST ON WATER AND CONFESSION before communion.

Sv. Nikolaj Žički was determined that if a man is healthy and holy water before taking the post a few days-all the more so should fast before Holy. Communion (Ibid, p. 408).

The same God-fearing attitude towards the greatest holy place he had on. Justin (Popovic). He blessed the faithful prepare spiritual fasting (prayer) to fast on the water and to confess, and then to take Communion.

Justin's father taught his spiritual children to Communion must connect with the correction of life ... "Therefore the Lord and I gave the world are holy prayers to me before Holy Communion Preparation for the great and holy day, when we receive Holy. Communion. "If today reported that the car comes to your house, you'd be all cleaned up, opajao That car taught in your house, as you only need to clean themselves when God enters into your soul? God receive today, watch him receive! Your every sin for which you have not repented and wept before God, it's a beast, a beast that will roar to the Lord, it is a little devil; Every sin is a little devil who rushes to the Lord in your soul. Watch out, repent before the Lord, cry, tell yourself: I am the LORD, the first among sinners, access to Thee unworthy, the following words of the Apostle Paul when he says that "the Lord came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief "(1st Tim.1, 15). When the Apostle says of himself that he was the first sinner, what's left to you and me, so we can call you? Each of us, really, is the first among sinners when accessing the Lord Christ, when He shall receive, care, Svečistog Lord and God. Because the post, because the world is prayer POST to cleanse our body, and prayers to cleanse our souls and prepare them for the reception of the Lord Jesus Christ. "

Vladimir Dimitrijevic concludes that: "When the car comes to the house, not just the love (and often arrogant). You must provide proof of that love which consists of tidying up the house. Souls unprepared to receive the sacrament himself to the court and the sentence. thus, taught his flock a great pastors and saints Eesti, Nikolaj Žički and Justin Griffin "(Ibid, p. 408).

Where does life without fear of God?

Lately notes are Advocating on each Holy Communion. Liturgy of all participants regardless of whether they are fasting and prayer and repentance prepare for accession to the largest sanctuary. There are efforts to suppress the post more, or mitigate to the extent that it is essentially lost. The basis of this phenomenon lies the absence of fear of God.

The lesson aged about three thousand years ago says, "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord" (Ps. 110/10). For a way of life pleasing to God is indispensable fear of the Lord, it is the foundation on which to build virtues pleasing to God, which are the true Christian different from the wicked, which is always starting from the fratricide Cain.

For those who have no fear of God is known to have no shame in front of people, and often to that which would be embarrassed and animals, much less virtuous people.

It's dangerous to lose the fear of God, because it is the same as the helmsman loses compass in the vast seas tempestuous sea, and should proceed to sea and in conditions of thick fog. Can it be without God and without fear of God sail the stormy sea of ​​life?

Fear of God the Serbs who really had, and this can be best judged by how strongly held post. In our western regions, where they lived with the Roman Catholics, who held the post without any seriousness, gave birth to the saying: "It's easy to like šokački post."

In his book "The family life of the Serbs," Vlajko Vlahovic said that the post office was considered a religious obligation so that the one who is in the mail omrsio said to be poisoned. Premrsivanje Since it was enough that the man believes rust and nesoj, and in him there is no trust.

When the doctor tried to persuade Duke Novica Cerovića to drink milk because it is severely ill (a Novica fasted Easter Post) This said to him: "Is that why you came from Cetinje to talk me into to poison the Holy Post, today I rummaged through 90 years. If you are because the school taught that people reported at the sin, then you are well learned "(ibid., n. 395). In the most difficult times of war during the First Serbian Uprising, Zain Great Post keep strictly on the water.

Vlajko Vlahovic says: "The days get counted as days of celebration. At the time of fasting is kept from rusty words and deeds. As terrible oath when someone swears post. Post keeps the whole house, including minor children, except those who suck. During the Easter post, make sure every night all inmate perform prayer and kowtow. If it is a necessity for someone breaks his fast by mail, then the priest asks for permission. Otherwise, I hate watching that someone in the family unravels ... »

Earlier Serbs fasting not only 4 regular, but early posts - on the eve of St. Save front cover of the Mother of God, and on the eve of the patron saint. On Good Friday they eat only after sunset and uncooked food, strict fasting on water. At the end of Vranje, Pirot at the end of the old bigots in the lowland at the beginning of the Easter fasting kept trimirje - three days they ate or drank, and were then approached the Holy Communion.

Communion without serious preparation (no fasting on water and prayer-penitential preparation and confession) leads to the fact that the ascetic spirit in which it recognized our Orthodox Church replaced nepodvižničkim spirit and attitude toward the holy place as is the case with the Roman Catholics.

+ + +

Nothing we can not entrust the Lord. "No, never, no matter what you do, is not worthy of Communion. Confession and Post are just a sign of our good will, our sincere desire to approach the holy place. But we are not worthy and will never be worthy. All preparations are nothing, because the grace of God that which saves us and works in us. But, again and again, if these preparations there, we can never become aware that we are nothing and that we are unworthy of Communion "(Vladimir Dimitrijevic, p. 394-395).

Buddha blessed Bishop Danilo (Krstic + 2002). Has left us the following instruction: "In Christ we are all saved - just their efforts and good will, your effort and desire to demonstrate that we want to salvation."

Given the circumstances in which we live and that spiritual raslabljeno time gives spiritual raslabljeno monks, priests and Christians living in the world, the better it will be for our salvation if we continue bogomoljacki practice (from the time of St. .. Bishop Nikolai) or to prepare fasting (water) and prayer and confession before dared to approach St. Communion.

Instead of an epilogue listen to what is said about fasting Sv. Theophan the Recluse: "Poor post! How many reproaches, slander and persecution suffered? But by the grace of God, still survives. Because support is firm! Lord fasted, the Apostles fasted (...) and all the saints of God are held fast, so that, if we were given to see the heavenly family, we are there we would not find anyone who would post a page. It is natural. Disruption became a paradise lost - strictly hold fast is to be one of the means to return to a lost paradise ... Look around. As soon as one accepts the care of the soul, immediately begin to fast, and as caring more powerful, it is more stringent post. Why is that? Because the post to work successfully carried out and the soul is easier to cope. But the one who gives up fast, it is certainly not significantly Salvation ("Dictionary of the Christian Life Testing," Obraz saints, Beg., 2005, p. 239).

May God power to your life-giving Cross, through the prayers of the Most Holy Mother of God, through the prayers of St .. Basin, Vol. Nicholas zhich and all the saints forgive and help the Serbs deified, harmony and multiply - Amen, God grant.

Comes with the blessing of His Grace Bishop of Nis, GG Irenaeus.

Sisterhood of the monastery Sveti Stefan Lipovac